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AZD WinAMP skins Homepage
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EMail: azd@beotel.yu
    This page is created for showing and
downloading AZD WinAmp skins.
    On this homepage, I will also reccomend the
best skins made by other authors./my choice/
     I Tried to use some of them, before I
decided to make mine. Lots of them are
beautifull and creative but not practical for
everyday use. Lots of them are very difficult to
navigate. Many people forgot what they are
designing. WinAmp is audio player and should
look like it. Here are Some of my criteriums
for WinAmp design.

1. Creative and Interesting
2. Practical for everyday use
3. Looks like audio player

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AZD - WinAmp Skins
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WinAmp - Home page
NewSkins-WinAmp Mangled
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