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AZD WinAMP Skins
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AZD-AMP III L,B,S,F AZD-AMP 3-6 /III L on picture/
Latest pack of four simillar skins with different
type of buttons. All four are in same archive.
B-Button ; F-Foil
    S-Sensor ; L-LCD
Latest redesign of AZD-AMP3 with lots of
changes. New buttons, glow, new taskbar, etc...
Download include speakers / picture bellow /.
/Try it and you'l see it/
Azd-Sensor 1.2 Final AZD-Sensor 1.2
Completely new sensor buttons, new display and
new colors. Taskbar remained the same, in
order to be compatible with the speakers.
Latest and the last redesign of AZD-AMP 1.
I tried to imitate display on my Sony equilizer
and everyone in my house likes this version
more. So I decided to put it on my site.
My first skin, revision 2. I liked Fusions LCD,
Antares buttons and TKS format of display and
speakers plugin so I decided to make a skin.
I worked hard for two full days to revision two.
Millions of corrections, sea the result.
Fusion AZD AZD-Tune of Fusion AMPman
Little black thing under lcd display and position
button irritated me so I tryed to do something.
I took lower buttons form but I was not completely
sattisfied. At that moment I decided to make my
first skin.
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With TKS Speakers   - Download Plugin Speakers Download
With 2AZD Speakers - Download Plugin Speakers Download
/TKS2 and Fusion2 redesigned for Sensor/
With AZD3 Speakers - Download Plugin
Speakers Download
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Speakers 2 AZD-Sensor
With version of Fusion2 Speakers
/ There is also version of
TKS2 speakers in
same archive/
With 3.1 speakers
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001.jpg (2620 bytes)